Overtime costs of January icestorm won't be passed on to customers, NB Power says

NB Power says overtime costs associated with the brutal January ice storm, that left 130,000 New Brunswickers without electricity, will not be passed on to customers.

The Telegraph-Journal that $4.1 million in overtime was paid to 723 employees who worked a combined 54,000 extra hours during what the Crown utility describes as the largest weather-related outage in its nearly 100 year history.

While customers won't be picking up the tab, NB Power's Marc Belliveau says it will certainly affect the utility's net income.

A media release last week pegged NB Power's year-to-date earnings at $44 million during the third quarter of 2016-2017.

That's up $39 million from the same time last year.

(with files from the Telegraph-Journal)