P.M. says Trump affirmed respect for judicial independence in Huawei exec.'s extradition case

The Prime Minister's Office says US President Donald Trump has affirmed his respect for judicial independence in the case of a Chinese woman who is detained in Vancouver for extradition to the US.

Trump recently said he might intervene in Meng Wanzhou's pending extradition from Canada if it would help forge a trade deal with China.

China has pressed Canada to get Meng freed from the extradition process, which Canadian politicians have replied they simply aren't allowed to do.

It is believed China has detained two Canadian men in retaliation for the arrest of Meng.

She is a senior executive of tech firm Huawei, and is accused by the US of breaking sanctions against Iran.

Trump had suggested he might use her as a bargaining chip for a trade deal, but has told Justin Trudeau on the phone he will respect the rule of law.