Pabineau First Nation signs deal with NB Power for Pabineau Falls and 633 acres of riverfront land


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Pabineau First Nations will now be responsible for upkeep and development of a popular outdoor destination.

Earlier this week Pabineau Band Council signed a lease agreement with NB Power for Pabineau Falls as well as a sale agreement for 633 acres of surplus land along the Nepisiguit River.

Councillor Terry Richardson says the matter has been under discussion since 2008 and that measures are already underway to collect garbage as well as remove graffiti from rocks at the falls.

Richardson says members of the public are still welcome to visit the site as they always have been.

He expects regular management of the falls site will result in an increased respect for the surrounding environment by visitors.

He says the Nepisiguit River has grown in popularity with the help of events like the Nepisiguit Challenge Wilderness Race and the recent development of the 140km Mi'gmaq trail, and adds the band has a number of eco-tourism ideas of its own planned for the area.

Steven Peter-Paul - Facebook