Pallister to raise concerns about religious symbols law with Quebec premier

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Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister says he will raise concerns about Quebec's religious symbols law directly with the province's premier.

The two premiers are attending an annual meeting of provincial and territorial leaders in Saskatoon.

Pallister has called Quebec's legislation ``dangerous'' and ``un-Canadian'' and says he believes it has the potential to be oppressive.

The Quebec law bans teachers, police and other public servants in positions of power from wearing religious symbols, and critics say it unfairly targets Muslims, Sikhs and other religious minorities.

Pallister says he has spoken to other premiers about his concerns and will raise them with Quebec Premier Francois Legault before the meeting wraps up Thursday.

Legault says the subject hasn't been raised at the meeting so far and he believes the law is a matter that should be left to Quebec residents and its premier.