Parliamentary budget office granted access to long awaited tax avoidance data

The parliamentary budget office is getting its hands on data needed to judge losses from tax avoidance after a five-year battle with the Canada Revenue Agency.

The budget office has been demanding the data since December 2017 and has even threatened court action to get it.

But, until now, the agency has refused to provide it, citing confidentiality of tax records.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced yesterday that a deal has finally been struck between the agency and the budget officer.

Jean-Denis Frechette, the parliamentary budget officer, had given the agency until February 28th to turn over the data before pursuing other options.

He welcomed the news of a deal, but reserved the option of going to court if the data that's handed over turns out to be less than advertised.

The Canada Revenue Agency has recently estimated that about 4.5 billion dollars in GST revenue and about 8.8 billion in personal income tax revenue has gone uncollected annually.