People's Alliance says cutting millions of dollars for nursing programs the wrong move

The People's Alliance says the New Brunswick government's decision to cut millions in funding for nursing programs is the wrong move.

Party leader Kris Austin says cutting $8.7 million in funding for nursing programs doesn't make sense.

Universities in the province have stated the cuts will hurt their ability to deliver clinical training and build their programs.

Austin says there's a waiting list for placements in nursing programs at the UNB and the University of Moncton and the seats are empty because of a lack of instructors. 

The New Brunswick Nurses Union and Nurses Association of New Brunswick have stressed the urgent need for more nurses in the province. 

Austin says many nurses are leaving to work for higher salaries in other provinces like Nova Scotia.

According to the universities, a major portion of the funding that's been cut was for covering the cost of clinical training for all students in nursing programs.