Police commission rules Edmundston police officer must be reinstated

An Edmundston police officer who was found guilty of sexual assault in two years ago will be reinstated.

A media release from the City of Edmundston on Monday says the New Brunswick Police Commission has ruled Marc Bouchard must be reinstated following corrective and disciplinary measures.

Bouchard was found guilty in May of 2017 and met the conditions of his probation which included to maintain peace and public order.

Edmundston CAO Marc Michaud says the city understands the complexity and sensitivity of the issue and that a plan will be put in place for the officers reintegration into the force.

Michaud says the officer will be excluded, whenever possible, from any investigation related to cases of violence against women or cases of sexual assault.

The NB Police Commission is an independent oversight commission that investigates and resolves, amongst other things, complaints from citizens about the conduct of police officers.