Poll: Canadians have lots to learn about accomplishments of country's most famous women

A new poll suggests Canadians have a lot to learn about the accomplishments of some of the country's most famous women.

The survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Historica Canada found the majority of Canadians couldn't name the achievements of such famous women as Emily Carr and Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Only 37 per cent of respondents could identify Carr's accomplishments as a painter, while only 27 per cent knew of Montgomery's authorship of such Canadian literary classics as ``Anne of Green Gables.''

When it comes to notable Indigenous women, recognition levels among respondents tumbled to between one and three per cent.

But the survey suggests Canadians are aware of the knowledge gap, with just 30 per cent of respondents saying the country is doing well at teaching its youth about female accomplishment.

Historica Canada says the organization is seeing increasing demand to shine a light on women's issues and successes.