Poor enrolment leaves minister questioning need for free second-language training program

Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour minister Donald Arsneault says he's disappointed with the turnout to free second-language training programs offered to unemployed New Brunswickers.

Only 115 people signed up for the program and that's left Arseneault, who is also the minister responsible for Official Languages, questioning weather there's really a need for it.

Though the Campbellton-Dalhousie MLA says there are no plans to cut the program due to its importance and that opportunities to learn a second language were identified as a challenge.

Arseneault adds New Brunswickers need to take ownership of their own future and that they can't complain about not getting a job due to not knowing a second language if they're not doing anything about it.

The province put up $1 million for the program.

Arseneault says most signed up for French language training.

(with files from CBC)