Pre-budget consultation process for a balanced 2019-20 budget

New Brunswickers are invited to share their priorities for the 2019-20 budget with the pre-budget engagement process.

In a press release yesterday, the Department of Finance says individuals can participate in Budget Dialogue 2019 through the month by completing an online survey, commenting online, or by making direct submissions via e-mail or regular mail.

Finance Minister Ernie Steeves said, "we have some difficult choices to make in the next budget, and we are already looking for expenditure reductions that will help reduce our debt, but we need New Brunswickers to help by sharing their thoughts and ideas."

The government has set out five challenges to guide its priorities for the budget, which are:
- Establishing balanced sustainability for public finances
- Energizing the private sector
- Making public health care accessible and dependable
- Building a world-class education system
- Providing every New Brunswicker with a pathway to the middle class

Steeve's says "I am inviting everyone to be part of this pre-budget conversation, and I know by working together, we can build a stronger financial future for our children and grandchildren."