Premier Higgs expanding carbon tax fight

The new premier of New Brunswick says he's expanding his province's fight against the federal carbon tax.

Last week, Blaine Higgs announced his government would intervene in legal challenges launched by Saskatchewan and Ontario.

But now, he says New Brunswick will also launch its own legal challenge of the carbon tax.

He says the proposed federal backstop puts New Brunswick at a disadvantage.

If it remains in place, Higgs claims New Brunswickers will be paying the country's highest tax on gasoline by 2022.

Higgs maintains that he's committed to meeting and exceeding Ottawa's emission targets.

He says his government will endorse the recommendations of the New Brunswick Climate Change Action Plan released two years ago.

It will also develop regulations to deal with large industrial emitters.

At this point it's unknown what those regulations will say, but Higgs insists they will work.