Premier Higgs issues message on the passing of Michael Fergusson

Premier Blaine Higgs issued a statement on the passing of Michael Fergusson, Canada's Auditor General and former New Brunswick auditor general and deputy finance minister.

Higgs says he joins with New Brunswickers in expressing his deepest sympathies at the passing of Mr. Fergusson.

In a statement, Higgs says Ferugsson served in a variety of roles in the government of New Brunswick, including five years as comptroller, five years as auditor general of New Brunswick, and one year as deputy minister of finance and secretary to the board of management.

Higgs says Fergusson was a man of keen intelligence who was both respected by his staff and trusted as a ministerial advisor, who would always tell it to you straight, and never wavered from his determination to serve the public well.

He says he was a passionate and dedicated public servant who made a difference in the lives of countless Canadians, who shined a light on systematic issues with a goal of ensuring taxpayer dollars were being spent wisely and programswere delivering intended results.