Premier threatens to call election over workers dispute

The Telegraph-Journal reports Premier Blaine Higgs has threatened to call a snap election over the dispute between the province and nursing home workers.

The paper says Higgs made the comments during question period Friday morning, following repeated questions from Liberal Leader Denis Landry.

On Thursday, the Liberals voted with a majority of the house to urge the government to go to binding arbitration with the 4,100 workers.

According to the paper, Higgs said he wouldn't bend to the workers' demands because he wants to safeguard taxpayers' interests, even if it means going to a provincial election.

The union is looking for an approximately 20% wage increase over the next four years, while the province is offering about a 4% increase over the same period.

Nursing home workers have been without a contract for two and a half years after their last contract expired in 2016.

(With files from the Telegraph-Journal)