Prime Minister in Europe for NATA and G7 Summit

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heads to Europe this week for a pair of high-level meetings: NATO and the G7 summit.

And, the meetings come as world leaders try to figure out exactly how the world works now that U.S. President Donald Trump is at the table.

Military alliances, the fight against climate change and even free trade all hang in the balance as the new man in the White House sits down and lets them all know his plans, or maybe not.

David Perry, a senior analyst with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, says predicting what Trump may do is virtually impossible.

On Thursday, May 25th, Trump, who is in the midst of his first foreign trip as president, will sit down with Trudeau and other leaders at the NATO summit at the group's new headquarters in Brussels.

Candidate Trump declared on the campaign trail that NATO had outlived its usefulness, a stance he reversed last month.

On Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th Trudeau and Trump will be in a resort town in Sicily (Taormina) for the G7 Summit.