Prime Minister under fire for refusing to denounce Bombardier for enriching executives

Justin Trudeau is refusing to denounce Bombardier for enriching its executives even as the company rakes in nearly one-billion in taxpayer money, drawing opposition charges that the Liberals are failing to stand up for the middle class.

The outcry has prompted the Montreal-based aerospace firm to put off for a year giving six executive officers more than half of the compensation it had planned.

Bombardier is eliminating 14-thousand-500 jobs around the world by the end of next year, part of a restructuring plan aimed at helping the company turn itself around.

The plan includes federal and provincial money, a 372.5-million-dollar federal loan for Bombardier's C-Series and Global 7000 aircraft programs, and one-billion from Quebec.

Last week, Trudeau said the government respects ``the free market and the choices that companies will make.''

On Monday, April 3rd, he said the government is ``obviously not pleased'' with Bombardier's decision.