Province announces investment to help tackle guns and gangs


The province announced today the details of New Brunswick's Gun and Gang Violence Action Fund.

A release states the project is made possible through funding from the federal government, which has allocated more than $2.7 million over five years through its Initiative to Take Action Against Gun and Gang Violence.

"We are taking action to protect families and communities," said Public Safety Minister Carl Urquhart. "We are doing that by complementing the Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Strategy. Using the evidence that we collect, a strategic plan will be implemented that will aim to address the underlying reasons for gang violence."

The Department of Public Safety says the objective of the fund is to support law enforcement, crime prevention and intervention initiatives within the province.

This funding will be used to support police services and other organizations in their efforts to prevent gun and gang violence, while increasing awareness and understanding of related issues.

The provincial government's five year plan on gun and gang violence complements its Crime Prevention and Reduction Strategy and Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Strategy, and will focus on better understanding the nature of gun and gang violence in New Brunswick.

The plan will aim to address existing, emerging and underlying gun and gang violence and related issues through knowledge development, prevention, intervention, and suppression activities.