Province urges residents to take measures to reduce problems with wildlife

The weather is starting to warm up and that means wildlife are becoming more active and searching for food.

New Brunswick's Department of Energy and Resource Development is reminding motorists to stay alert and slow down when driving, especially between dusk and dawn when moose are the most active and difficult to see.

Meanwhile, black bears are beginning to emerge from hibernation and are looking for a quick easy bite to eat.

The department is urging New Brunswickers to take precautions to minimize problems with bears.

It suggests keeping garbage cans clean and in a bear-proof container or closed garage until pickup, rinsing food cans and wrappers before disposal and not leaving pet food outside.

Odorous scraps like meat and fish should be kept in the freezer and bird feeders, especially those with suet, should be removed.

The department says these measures are also effective in reducing problems with raccoons, skunks, coyotes, and foxes, which it says are a more common nuisance than bears.