Province wide emergency preparedness exercise planned for June 2019

The province says planning is underway for the second province wide emergency preparedness exercise.

Exercise Brunswick Bravo will give municipalities, First Nations and local service districts an opportunity to practise their respective roles during an emergency, and is scheduled for June next year.

The province says the exercise is open to all New Brunswick communities who wish to take part and take advantage of this learning opportunity in emergency response planning and testing.

The government says the exercise is being organized by the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization along with Joint Task Force Atlantic of the Canadian Armed Forces.

The province says the scenario will be a continuation of Exercise Brunswick Alpha from last year, which was a simulation of a severe weather event that unfolded across the province.

Brunswick Bravo will focus on response to the impact of the storm.

The province says about 80 organizations are taking part in the initial planning conferences, and participation in Brunswick Alpha is not a prerequisite for participation in this year's exercise.