Provincial review team uncovers deficiencies with handling of evidence by BNPP

A provincial review team has uncovered several issues with how the BNPP stores evidence.

A report by New Brunswick's justice department suggests a disorganized evidence room, along with improperly stored and labelled dugs, firearms, and sexual assault kits at the BNPP's Nigadoo headquarters.

The province has ordered an independent audit be carried by by March 31st and that the deficiencies must be corrected.

BNPP Chief Charles Comeau tells CBC he doesn't believe the force has lost any criminal cases as a result of the deficiencies, most of which, he says, have already been rectified.

New Brunswick Police Commission chair Ron Cormier, meanwhile, is confident discrepancies will be corrected.

He says there's no need for citizens to be concerned about the BNPP's ability to get evidence to court.

(with files from CBC)