Public health officials urge Canadians to get their flu shot

Cases of seasonal influenza have already begun to show up in Canada, prompting public health officials to put out the call for Canadian to get their flu shot.

Doctor Michelle Murti of Public Health Ontario says this year's flu shot is expected to be much more effective than last season's, which ended up being a poor match for the predominant circulating strain.

Complications from flu include sinus and ear infections, pneumonia and inflammation of the heart or brain, which can land an infected person in the hospital and in some cases even result in death.

Those most vulnerable to complications include young children, the elderly, people with underlying heart and respiratory conditions, and those with weakened immune systems.

In its latest FluWatch report ending the week of October 20th, the Public Health Agency of Canada says there was increasing influenza activity across the country, although the case numbers were at what's called ``interseasonal'' levels.