Public Health study suggests few Canadians know of the perils of sports-related concussions

A federal health survey has found roughly half of Canadians know little to nothing about the perils of sports-related concussive injuries, nor where to find information on how to avoid falling victim to them.

The online survey, commissioned by the Public Health Agency of Canada and found that while 97 per cent of respondents consider it an important health problem, only 51 per cent said they knew where to get information on them.

Forty-six per cent of respondents reported knowing what to do when someone gets a concussion, while 40 per cent said they can recognize the symptoms.

About half of those who took part in the survey reported having little or no knowledge about concussions, although most knew the condition as ``a blow to the head that causes a variety of symptoms, such as headache or blurred vision.''

Steve Podborski, the president and C-E-O of Parachute Canada, says the biggest gap in knowledge is at home, where unlike a broken leg or cut, the symptoms of the problem can remain hidden.