Quebec calls for federal plan to deal with influx of asylum seekers from U.S.

The Quebec government says even more asylum seekers are entering from the United States this year and wants the federal government to come up with a plan to deal with the influx.

Immigration Minister David Heurtel says so far this year, the number has tripled to just over six-thousand from about two-thousand during the same period last year and is forecast to increase sharply this summer.

Heurtel says projections suggest there will be up to 400 crossings a day this summer, compared to 250 last summer.

He says the ball is in Ottawa's court and he'll meet with federal officials tomorrow to discuss the matter.

Huertel says in addition to front-line services, there are other costs like health care and education that are stretched thin.

Quebec is maintaining its request for additional funds to cover $146 million in unprecedented expenses from last year irregular border crossers, with this year's price tag yet to come.

Federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says he is waiting a detailed proposal from Quebec on what the province wants Ottawa to do.