Quebec City prepares for G7 summit

Around three-thousand police officers and dozens of German shepherds from across the country will be flown into Quebec City to help secure the sites for next month's G7 leaders' summit.

The airlift will cost roughly 2.2-million dollars.

The G7 leaders, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa May, will meet June 8th and 9th inside a highly secured zone in the vacation town of La Malbaie.

The event is widely expected to attract protesters to the town, and to Quebec City, where most international media will be stationed.

However, Quebec City is about a two hour drive away from La Malbaie and the public won't be able to get anywhere near the key sites.

Civil society groups warn the imposing battalion of police and the webs of metal barriers will unduly constrain their democratic right to be heard.

In its February budget, the federal government earmarked about 600-million dollars to cover security and logistics for the leaders' summit and other G7-related events Canada will host this year.