Quebec City's mayor says right-wing protesters cooperative but still not welcome

Quebec City's mayor says right-wing protesters are not welcome in his city, but has characterized them as being more co-operative with police than counter protesters were.

Regis Labeaume thanked members of the right-wing group, La Meute, or, The Pack, for collaborating with police but added that the city wants nothing to do with them and, quote, ``their world doesn't interest us.''

The right-wing group marched to denounce what they say is a too-charitable refugee and immigration policy by the federal and Quebec governments.

It was counter-protesters, however, who received the most attention from authorities, with Quebec City police saying they assaulted officers and caused vandalism.

Labeaume called the violent protesters ``cretins.''

Pablo Roy-Rojas, a spokesman for the people who showed up to protest racism, said the masked people who assaulted police were not part of his group.