Quebec government orders public coroner's inquest into 7-year-old's death

Quebec's public security minister has ordered a public coroner's inquest into the death of a seven-year-old girl who had a long history with the province's youth protection system.

Genevieve Guilbault said today in Quebec City that the investigation will determine the causes and circumstances of the death and make recommendations to avoid a similar tragedy.

The young girl died Tuesday in hospital, one day after being found at a home in Granby, east of Montreal.

Two adults, identified by people close to the family as the girl's father, 30, and his partner, 35, were arrested and are expected to appear in court later today to face charges.

Lionel Carmant, Quebec's junior health minister, says the regional director of the youth protection system has been suspended from his functions with pay.

Carmant has confirmed the girl was known to youth protection workers from a very young age and that their last interaction with the child was last month.