Quebec man jailed in boating accident forced to stay in Cuba despite overturned conviction

A Quebec man who was sentenced to four years in a Cuban jail following a fatal boating accident isn't being allowed to return to Canada, even though his conviction has been overturned.

Kahina Bensaadi says her husband, Toufik Benhamiche, is no longer charged with any crime, but has not been allowed to leave because the case is still under investigation.

Benhamiche, who is 47, was piloting a small boat in July 2017 in Cayo Coco when it fatally struck a woman from Ontario.

A Cuban court found the Mascouche, Quebec resident guilty of criminal negligence causing death and sentenced him to four years in prison.

But in June, Cuba's highest court found flaws in the lower court's handling of the case and reversed all its decisions including the conviction.

The judge's decision means the case had been returned to the prosecutor and must be reinvestigated, a process that could take years.

Bensaadi is calling on Canadian immigration officials to help allow her husband to return home while Cuban authorities decide whether to bring new charges.