Quebec's premier seeking younger image for party ahead of next shuffle

One of Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard's main challenges as he prepares for his next cabinet shuffle will be to give his greying party a more youthful air.

Couillard, who is said to be contemplating a shuffle in the coming days, leads a team that is more golden-aged than school-aged.

According to data compiled by The Canadian Press, more than a third of his cabinet ministers are over the age of 60, and over half are 55-plus.

Only five of 26 cabinet ministers, or 19 per cent, are under the age of 50.

After 3 1/2 years in power, the leader of Quebec's Liberal Party is looking to do whatever he can to counter the opposition's claims that his party is worn out.

"Transformation" has been one of his refrains of late, and he's made no secret of his desire to disassociate his party from the one that governed for a decade under former premier Jean Charest.