Quebecer among those suing YouTube, alleging discrimination


Montreal-based transgender YouTuber Chase Ross is one of eight LGBTQ content creators suing YouTube and its parent company Google, alleging their content is being censored by the popular video-sharing website.

The class-action lawsuit filed in California this week claims mentions of the words ``transgender,'' ``gay'' and ``lesbian'' in videos or in titles or tags can result in the video being flagged as sensitive, restricting their views and curtailing advertising.

Ross says LGBTQ videos often find themselves flagged, even if there's nothing inherently offensive or inappropriate in them.

In a statement, YouTube says it doesn't target LGBTQ content, and all videos are subject to the same policies.

The lawsuit filed in US District Court seeks an injunction requiring YouTube to ``cease and desist from capriciously restricting, de-monetizing, or otherwise censoring any content of videos uploaded to the YouTube site.''

It is also seeking unspecified damages to be determined at trial.