Refugee advocates 'shocked and dismayed' over asylum changes in budget bill

Lawyers and advocates who work directly with refugees say they are dismayed by proposed changes to asylum laws.

The changes are in the Liberals' new budget bill.

The advocates call them a devastating attack on refugee rights in Canada.

The Trudeau government is proposing to prevent asylum seekers from making refugee claims in Canada if they have made similar claims in certain other countries, including the United States.

Border Security Minister Bill Blair says the measure aims to prevent ``asylum-shopping.''

Maureen Silcof, of the Canadian Association of Refugee lawyers says the effect is really immeasurable, because refugee claimants have a degraded process to go through.

The new provision in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act introduces a new ground of ineligibility for refugee protection.

The provision is based on the belief that Canada's refugee system is similar enough to that of the U-S that anyone rejected there is likely to be rejected here as well.