Report: R.C.M.P. still not prepared for active shooters five years after massacre in Moncton

The Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada says a report released Tuesday by the acting auditor general is deeply disturbing.

Sylvain Ricard said the national police force has mismanaged the purchase, distribution and ongoing maintenance of semi-automatic rifles known as carbines.

In June 2014, a heavily armed assailant in Moncton killed three Mounties and wounded two others.

At the time, the RCMP had about 15-hundred high-powered carbines nationwide, but the Moncton detachment had not been trained to use them.

The RCMP was convicted under the Canada Labour Code in 2017 of having failed to provide members with the training and equipment to deal with an attack that left the community reeling.

Ricard's report states that while the force bought thousands of carbines, it didn't know whether it had provided rifles to all of the officers who needed them.

Rob Creasser, a spokesman for the Mounted Police Professional Association of Canada, says there are huge gaps in providing and maintaining equipment that is required for the job.