Review of local and provincial police services

The Department of Public Safety is reviewing local and provincial policing services to find ways to facilitate co-operation and improve safety.

Public Safety Minister Carl Urquhart says, "With more calls for new models of service, the Department of Public Safety will be reviewing how to ensure that there is an adequate level of service for all New Brunswickers and that costs are appropriately shared."

In a press release, the province says this review will determine if there is an appropriate distribution of policing services, as well as examine service levels, the need for specialized services and maintenance requirements of those services.

The Department of Public Safety says it will:
- Consult with stakeholders, including police forces and municipalities;
- Consider opportunities for regional co-operation;
- Consider opportunities to provide centralized services;
- Ensure that the specialized services can be adequately provided;

There are currently seven municipal police forces and two regional police forces in New Brunswick, with the RCMP providing police services to nine municipalities through direct agreements with the federal government.

According to the province, policing in the remaining 76 municipalities and in all of the local service districts are provided through the Provincial Police Services Agreement.