Review of Trudeau's India trip finds security gaps

A Parliamentary committee report that is heavily censored examines the security arrangement during Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's tip to India as adequate, but with gaps.

The national security committee says the RCMP should have alerted Trudeau's protective detail that Jaspal Atwal, a man with a serious criminal record and a history of violence, might turn up during the February trip to India.

Trudeau was embarrassed during the overseas trip when it was revealed that Atwal, a BC Sikh convicted of trying to assassinate an Indian minister in 1986, had been invited to two events with the prime minister.

Atwal was photographed with Trudeau's wife and at least one cabinet minister during an event in Mumbai, and an invitation to a second event, in New Delhi, was rescinded after news broke of Atwal's presence.

The committee report says the Mounties had information on February 13th about Atwal's possible presence in India during Trudeau's visit.