Sacred Hearth Cathedral parishioner reprimanded for making public comments

A parishioner at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Bathurst says she's received a letter from the parish banning her from performing ministerial duties, like giving Communion, until she repents.

The letter alleges public comments made by Cecile Lavigne sparked complaints from other parishioners.

It also states Lavigne has 'broken Communion with the bishop and parish priest.'

Lavigne held a number of positions within the church for more than four decades.

But that all came to an end last month when she took a hiatus from her duties because of a number of issues going on within the church which she didn't agree with.

Lavigne feels comments she made regarding funeral collections on social media, along with being seen on TV last month participating in a protest against the management style of  Bishop Daniel Jodoin are to blame.

Though the letter was signed by the parish priest, Lavigne suspects the bishop is behind it.

Lavigne tells the Acadie-Nouvelle that she's done nothing to warrant repenting.