Saint-Quentin citizens ponder setting up own emergency response team

Citizens in Saint-Quentin are floating the idea of starting their own emergency response team following several instances where paramedics either took too long to arrive, or didn't show up at all.

This after a cyclist, who was hit by a vehicle last Friday, was taken to hospital by citizens when paramedics dispatched from outside the region took more than forty minutes to arrive.

Mayor Nicole Somers says citizens are at a point where they don't feel safe.

Saint-Quentin Standing Committee on Health chair Joanne Fortin says the idea is s double-edged sword.

Fortin says the provincial government and Ambulance New Brunswick likely won't look for solutions if citizens take charge of the situation, but adds people fear for their safety and are demanding change.

AmbulanceNB has agreed to meet with officials in Saint-Quentin in an effort to improve the situation.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)