Security bill needs safeguards to prevent 'a profile on all of us': privacy czar

The federal privacy watchdog says national security agencies should be required to destroy personal information once they determine someone is not a threat.

Privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien says the Liberal government's security bill should be amended to ensure prompt disposal of personal data it does not really need.

Therrien tells the House of Commons public safety committee today that, otherwise, national security agencies will be able to keep a profile on all of us.

The Liberal government's sweeping security legislation, tabled in June, fleshes out campaign promises to revise elements of a contentious omnibus bill brought in by the Harper government after a gunman stormed Parliament Hill in October 2014.

The legislation being studied by the public safety committee would tighten provisions that deal with information sharing between federal agencies.

Therrien says the government needs to go further to achieve the right balance between security and privacy.