Security officials prepare Parliament Hill for Canada 150 celebrations

Security officials are getting prepared for the crowds set to descend on Parliament Hill for Canada's 150th birthday celebration on Saturday, July 1st.

Advisers are gathering data on everything from crowd flows to video-camera placement to ensure both security and openness in the parliamentary precinct.

After a gunman stormed the Hill in October 2014 and killed a Canadian soldier before being shot and killed, two studies were undertaken.

One looked at the physical security of Parliament's Centre Block, while the other delved into procedures for handling visitors and employees in the parliamentary precinct.

The most tangible result of the armed assault was creation of the unified Parliamentary Protective Service, drawing together forces from the RCMP, House of Commons and Senate.

Researchers are interested in the varied nature of the crowds that turn up on Parliament Hill, as well as the ebb and flow of pedestrian traffic at different times of day.

Researchers are also studying different types of cameras, their placement and the percentage of visual coverage on the Hill.