Shediac to be home to N.B.'s First Smart Energy Community Project

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The Town of Shediac will be the home of the province's first Smart Energy Community Project.

In a press release, NB Power says it has received $5.75M to create a major new green energy initiative for the town from Natural Resources Canada's $100M Smart Grid Program.

The project will serve as a testing ground for new technologies that are being developed by NB Power and Siemens Canada and will partner with a project in the town of Amherst led by Nova Scotia Power.

NB Power says the new funding will help the partners deliver the entire vision for the Smart Grid Atlantic Projects, with the goal to develop and demonstrate smart grid technologies that will speed the adoption of new renewable energy and storage technologies while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In Shediac, 500 homes will be selected to test different technologies, such as smart thermostats, solar rooftop generation, smart water heaters and in-home battery storage.

According to the press release, NB Power will also focus on potential cybersecurity issues posed by the connected devices while also testing varying rate schemes, and will begin recruiting homeowners in Shediac to become a part of the project next week.

An open house session in Shediac on June 18 will provide further details on the pilot project.