Small amount of missing cryptocurrency found

The high-profile search for 190 million dollars in missing cryptocurrency owed to users of the beleaguered QuadrigaC-X trading platform has turned up a small amount of digital assets.

But the intrigue surrounding the case deepened this week as investigators pointed to a series of transactions they can't explain.

A report released yesterday by court-appointed monitor Ernst and Young, offered few answers for the firm's users who are owed nearly 260 million dollars in cash and crypto-coins.

The monitor's third report indicated six so-called cold wallets used to store digital assets offline have been found, but all of them are empty.

The monitor says it's also aware of three other potential cold wallets, again all of them empty, and it found 14 user accounts on the QuadrigaC-X platform that were "created outside the normal process,'' using aliases.

The monitor says it remains unclear how the accounts were used and whether the recipients of the withdrawals can be identified.

Company founder Gerald Cotten died suddenly in India on December 9th, throwing the company into chaos.