Small town from central Quebec breaks record for world's biggest poutine


It took about one thousand kilos of cheese curds, but a small town in central Quebec believes it has broken the world record for the biggest poutine.

Three cheesemakers in the town of Warwick joined forces yesterday to make the winning fries, gravy and cheese concoction that weighed in at three thousand and 34 kilos, beating the previous record of two thousand kilos set in Trois-Rivieres in 2015.

Sebastien Lemay, the co-owner of Fromage Warwick, says the curds took between 26 and 28 hours to prepare, but the potatoes were cooked just before the weigh-in with the help of 40 deep fry machines.

Vicky Martineau, the marketing director for Fromagerie Victoria, says the third cheesemaker in the contest, Fromagerie du Presbytere, unknowingly beat the record at its last poutine event, but the portions had been made individually.

This time, organizers say the meal was prepared on an 18-metre table and weighed by certified scales under the watch of a representative from Guinness World Records.

Guinness has not said yet whether the record has been achieved.