Snow removal, salting falling short on New Brunswick roads and highways, Opposition says

New Brunswick's Opposition party says the government isn't doing enough to salt icy road and highways around the province.

PC MLA Jeff Carr tells CTV News the salt spreaders were recalibrating to not allow enough salt and sand to be spread in different areas.

Carr says some trucks didn't seem to be allowed to go out at the appropriate time to get ahead of last week's storm.

The Transportation department said a new standard for the quantity of salt being put on the road has been implemented, adding that staff have been directed to apply as frequently as needed to get to the job done.

Kris Austin, the leader of the People's Alliance Party, says winter road clearing is falling down the ladder of what should be priority.

He says it's a basic necessity, not spending $50-million dollars on things like a new museum in Saint John.

While Austin puts blame on the current Liberal government. he also says the problem falls back on the former Tory government under David Alward.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure maintains there's no shortage of salt and the budget hasn't been cut.

(with files from CTV)