Stats Canada study suggests police numbers in N.B. at historic low, Justice Minister not worried

Recent figures from Statistics Canada suggest the number of police protecting New Brunswickers is at an all-time low, but that's not worrying the province's Justice & Public Safety Minister.

Denis Landry tells the Acadie-Nouvelle that New Brunswickers can rest assured that police services chosen by their local governments meet all provincial standards and play a vital role in the government's goal of making the province a safe place.

The Bathurst-East-Nepisiguit-Saint-Isidore MLA looks forward to a new study by the Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, which is to be released in the next few weeks, and is expected to go beyond the scope of that conducted by Statistics Canada.

Landry says the new study will provide better information to help monitor and guide the administration and performances of New Brunswick's police services.

(with files from the Acadie-Nouvelle)