Stock up on bug spray! Mosquito and black-fly populations doing just fine, report says

There are good reasons to stock up on bug spray if you're planning to enjoy the great outdoors this summer,

The latest national report on wild species in Canada shows we are being pestered by 160 different species of blackflies and 80 different species of mosquitoes in the country and most of those species are doing just fine.

The report lists 122 species which are extinct or possibly extinct in Canada, including the black footed ferret, Blanchard's cricket frog and the frosted elfin butterfly.

There are also 39 insects on this list, three butterflies, two kinds of ants, 22 different beetles, and 10 grasshoppers.

Unfortunately, there are no mosquitoes or blackflies on the list.

The data is in Wild Species 2015, the fourth version of a report on the general state of species in Canada required every five years under Species at Risk Act.