Striped bass population could support small commercial fishery in Miramichi, Salmon Federation says

The Atlantic Salmon Federation thinks it's time for a commercial striped bass fishery to return to the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Figures from the Department of Fisheries of Oceans suggest the spawning population of striped bass in the gulf is estimated at around one million fish.

That's triple the number of fish recorded in 2016-17 and a 100 fold increase since the commercial fishery was shut down in the 1990's

Federation's Nathan Wilbur argues that there are so many striped bass the population could support a small commercial First Nations fishery in the Miramichi area.

But Jeff Wilson, who co-hosts an annual fishing tournament in Miramichi, worries a commercial fishery may be premature and could harm the local the recreational fishery which generates millions of dollars for the region.

(with files from CBC)