Survey suggests most Canadians believe climate change to be real

A new survey suggests more than four-in-10 Canadians surveyed last month believe there is conclusive evidence climate change is real, that it is caused by people, and that addressing it should be a top government priority.

However, even among what Ecofiscal Commission calls ``climate believers,'' only two-thirds see a carbon price as the best way to curb greenhouse gas emissions, and fewer than half were confident they even know what carbon pricing is.

Of the respondents, 61 per cent said they believe there is conclusive or strong evidence to support climate change being real.

Twenty-seven per cent said there is some evidence but not enough yet to convince them and 11 per cent cited little or no evidence.

The survey, done for the commission by Abacus Data, suggests to Ecofiscal's chair Chris Ragan that governments have so far done a poor job communicating carbon-price policies to the public.

Ragan and the commission have written a 36-page explanation of carbon pricing that's being released today along with the survey, which was conducted in February with more than 22-hundred online participants.