Tensions run high in Quebec during pro and anti-immigrant rallies

Tensions boiled over in Quebec City as police were pelted by beer bottles and smoke bombs set off in garbage cans in an ugly end to a weekend of pro and anti-immigrant rallies.

The far right group Quebec group La Meute  called for a rally Sunday to protest the federal and provincial government's handling of the recent flood of border crossers, but ended up having its members pinned inside a garage while counter-protesters demonstrated outside.

Once the counter-protesters turned violent, police declared the protest illegal and at least one protester was arrested.

The protests in the Quebec capital were far more tense than Saturday's rally in Vancouver where thousands of people peacefully demonstrated.

The rallies sprung up in the wake of last week's deadly events in Charlottesville, Virginia in which one person was killed when a vehicle plowed into anti-racism protesters.

When asked Sunday if the unprecedented number of border crossers was stoking anti-immigrant sentiments, Prime Minister Justin said he stood with millions of Canadians ``who reject the hateful, harmful, heinous ideologies'' that have sprouted across the country.