Thousands march in Montreal to denounce Quebec government's secularism bill

Thousands of Montrealers took to the streets to denounce the Quebec government's proposed secularism bill.

The crowd chanted for solidarity on Sunday and loudly denounced Premier Francois Legault as they marched against the legislation that would ban the wearing of religious symbols for many employees in positions of authority, including teachers, judges and police officers.

The protesters included Aymen Derbali, who was seriously injured in the January 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting where six Muslim men were killed.

Derbali, who attended with another survivor, told the crowd that instead of working to reduce stigma, the government is tabling discriminatory legislation that unfairly targets Muslim women who wear the hijab.

Today's protest was the largest of a series of protests that have been held to denounce the legislation, known as Bill 21.

The crowd included representatives from many of Montreal's cultural groups, including the Muslim, Sikh, Jewish and Chinese communities.