Three people arrested after thefts in Madawaska County

Edmundston Police say three people have been arrested after a string of thefts in Madawaska County.

Police say a car was stolen from Edmundston on February 2, and later in the day was recovered by Grand Falls police, who arrested the three people inside.

The resulting investigation by both Grand Falls and Edmundston Police resulted in these individuals, two men and a woman, being linked to several other thefts in Madawaska County.

Edmundston Police say 25-year-old Kristin Larsen, 28 year-old Maxime Blanchard and 23-year-old Dany-Pierre Dionne, all from Edmundston, made a court appearance February 7. 

All three were remanded into custody and will appear in court separately later in the month for release hearings.