Too early to say how much $2M tour route initiative will focus on Chaleur region, government says

As the provincial government embarks on a $2 million dollar plan to drive victors to cities and towns along its its five 'Scenic Drives', it remains unclear what kind of promotion is in store for the Chaleur region and Acadian peninsula.

Government's Barb Day says the initiative is in the final stages of a consultation process and that it's too early to speak to sign specifics.

However, Day says most tourists enter New Brunswick by road and that well-designed, multipurpose infrastructure is paramount in achieving the government's goal of increasing tourism spending to $2 billion by 2025.

She adds Bathurst is featured in the Acadian Coastal Scenic Drive, Campbellton in the Appalachian Range Route Drive and Miramichi in the Miramichi River Route on New Brunswick's tourism website.

Meanwhile, Bathurst-West-Beresford MLA Brian Kenny says the government will have a better idea on how the money will be spent with respect to product development and signage at a later date.

Kenny says he is currently working with the Chaleur Regional Service Commission's tourism coordinator on better signs in the Saint Leonard area to drive traffic to this part of the province.

He says proper signage to highlight the Chaleur region is the goal.