Toronto archbishop laments destruction of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

The Archbishop of Toronto is among many Canadians lamenting the heavy damage to the famed Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

Thomas Cardinal Collins says ``All around the world, all of us feel a certain sadness in our hearts at the thought of the people of Paris losing not only such an astonishing, most beautiful cathedral in the world, but their cathedral.''

In Montreal, the bells of the city's own Notre-Dame Basilica rang out in solidarity as the Paris landmark was consumed by flames.

But the sadness is turning to hope today after French President Emmanuel Macron said the cathedral will be rebuilt, possibly with international help.

It is not known if Canada would be part of an international effort.

Collins said a cathedral is meant to be a sign of beauty that leads to truth and goodness.

He said the destruction has affected so many people because of its history and magnificence.

The archbishop pointed out that the fire has come in the week before Easter, the holiest time of the year for Christians.