Tory caucus member says Canada needs to consider joining U-S ballistic missile defence system

A senior member of the federal Conservative caucus says Canada should take a serious look at joining the U-S ballistic missile defence system.

Erin O'Toole, the foreign affairs critic, says North Korea's development of long range missiles is a game changer.

The communist North test-fired a rocket over Japan earlier this week that landed in the Pacific Ocean, the latest such test that has increased tensions in Asia and with the U-S.

O'Toole says parts of Canada would be vulnerable to North Korean long range missiles and he's calling on the federal government to talk to the U-S about getting into the missile defence system.

Canada's lack of participation in missile defence has been an explosive political issue for decades.

The Liberal government in 2005 opted out of a missile umbrella and the Harper Conservatives avoided the issue while they were in power.

Prime Minister Trudeau has said Canada's position isn't about to change anytime soon.